Essay on A Washer Man ( धोबी )

A Washer Man ( धोबी )

( Hints for A Washerman: washes clothes, soaks them in hot water, takes them to a pond, beats them, dries them, sometimes tears them, a hard life. )
Essay on A Washer Man ( धोबी )
Essay on A Washer Man ( धोबी )
A washerman washes our clothes. He soaks ( भिगोना ) them in hot soda water. He takes them to a pond ( पोखरा ) or river. The washerman stands in the water, at the edge ( किनारा ) of the tank or river. A big stone in the front of him. He wets ( भिगोना ) the dirty clothes in the cold water. Then, he beats them on the stone. He rinses ( धोना ) them in the water. He  spreads ( फैलाना ) them out on the bank ( किनारा ) to dry. Sometimes the washerman tears ( फाड़ना ) the clothes on the hard stone and breaks buttons. But on the whole he washes well. He has a donkey to carry the clothes he washes. The washerman earns ( कमाना ) his living ( जीविका ) by hard work.
A Washer Man ( धोबी )


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