Essay on My Town ( मेरा शहर )

My Town ( मेरा शहर )

( Hints: its name, schools and colleges, market, cinema halls, roads, etc. )
Essay on My Town ( मेरा शहर )
Essay on My Town ( मेरा शहर )
I live in a town. Its name is Gopalganj. It is a big town. Now it is a city. There are many good schools and colleges here. Some of the schools for children are the best in North Bihar. There are hospitals also. We get good doctors in this town. Gopalganj is fast growing. New shops are Opening every month. New houses are being built. Some industries ( उद्योग ) are being set up around this town, But the roads of this town are very bad. They are cut and broken at places. Now things are improving. We hope, it will be a beautiful town in future.
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