Essay on My Servant (मेरा नौकर)

My Servant (मेरा नौकर)

(Hints : his name, age, work,  in the morning, at noon, a good boy, etc.)
Essay on My Servant (मेरा नौकर)
Essay on My Servant (मेरा नौकर)
I have a servant. His name is Punit. He is about twelve years old. He is small but very active. He gets up early in the morning. He Sweeps ( बुहारना ) the floor. He cleans the utensils ( बरतन ). He makes tea or coffee. He helps mother in the kitchen. At noon he gets ready. He has his lunch. We have given him a slate. He reads and writes in the afternoon. Again he washes our clothes. He goes to the post office to post our letters. He is a good and honest boy. We all love him very much.
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