Essay on My Family ( मेरा परिवार )

My Family ( मेरा परिवार )
(Hints: persons in family, where they live, father, mother, brother, sister, a small and happy family, etc. )
Essay on My Family ( मेरा परिवार )
Essay on My Family ( मेरा परिवार )
There are five members in my family. I have mother, father, a sister and a brother. My father is fat and tall. He is about forty-five. My mother is loving and kind. My sister is ten years old. She goes to school every day. My brother is a good boy. He is a student of Class X. I am the youngest in the family. So, all love me very much. I also love and obey them. Everybody in my family works hard. We are a small and happy family.
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